Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid.

By Richard Allison Johnson

Marian Financial Services, inc.

Jacksonville, Fla, February 7, 2014 -- In this provocative new book, 25 plus year industry veteran, Richard Allison Johnson exposes why approximately 85% of investors fall victim to Wally Street, a character he created to showcase the problems with investment advice from banks, insurance companies and Wall Street firms.

“It has gotten so bad that I can almost close my eyes and tell you what is on your account statement once I know the bank, insurance company or Wall Street firm that you are doing business with. All you have to do is compare the products described in my book to your own account statements for proof,” said Johnson.

In this unexpectedly funny and educational book, the author contrasts Wally Street's revenue generating advice versus advice with integrity from independent registered investment advisers.

This timely work will challenge its readers to think critically and stop letting themselves be taken advantage of by financial advisors like Wally Street.

Advisers with integrity, like CPA's, Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys will want their clients to read this book.

This indispensable book, "Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid" is available now in paperback, on Kindle devices and apps via Amazon.

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