Stop discounting yourself

By Troy Wilson

Next Wave Marketing Strategies

Nothing wrecks a new relationship like a self-doubter. You know the kind.
  • “This is a stupid question, but…”
  • “I could be wrong, but…”
  • “I’m not sure if this is right, but…”
When I hear openings like this I feel like the person needs a support group, not a sale.

Strike these kinds of openings from your vocabulary. Never use a self-deprecating opening followed by the deadly “but” again.

Open with confidence. Convince your prospect that you’re the one person they need to talk to right now. You have the solution to the most important problem they need to solve.

Of course, you have to believe it first. Here’s how.

Believe in yourself

Look in the mirror. It all starts here. It might sound cheesy, but if you don’t believe why would anyone else? Whether you’re just starting out or trying to shake a funk, let’s fix your belief system.

  • Write out and post some of your favorite motivational quotes
  • Create and self-talk three basic self-affirmations every day
  • Leave yourself a kick-ass motivational voicemail to start each morning This simple, daily process should focus your mind, calling up the confidence that you have the power to make a difference for yourself and your customer.

    Believe in your product

    Now that you’re positive you’re the guy or girl that the customer needs to talk to, convince yourself they need your product or service. I find the biggest hindrance to product confidence is an unhealthy focus on price. Forget how much you charge your customer.
    • Will this product or service help your customer?
    • Will it improve their life, performance or status?
    • Will it deliver the promised results?
    Can you say yes to all three? Good. Those are the only three things you need to focus on.

    Forget price. Forget competition. Lead with value – you just said you could.

    Sell yourself with confidence

    Now take all that power and pick up the phone, go to your appointment or fire off that email. You can be confident that you’ll get more sales with the new attitude. Sell that confidence. Let every customer know that you’re the most important conversation they will have all day.

    Actually, that’s pretty good. Say that: “I guarantee this is the most important conversation you’ll have today.”

    Reinforce your confidence daily with the same morning power up process.