Sandy Schussel to host business planning Webinar for producers

By Sandy Schussel

Sandy Schussel, LLC

Sales and marketing expert and coach, Sandy Schussel, will be hosting a Webinar on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013, entitled "The Ultimate 2013 Business Plan for Financial and Insurance Professionals."

According to Schussel, one of the reasons producers may have been dissatisfied with their 2012 results is that they either weren't following a business plan, or they were following a plan that didn't work for them.

"While the real obstacle is always the level and quality of a producer's activity," Schussel says, "one of the reasons for low or poor activity is the failure to create and follow a realistic business plan."

Schussel continued, "As human beings, we get depressed when we're not getting results and our activity declines. But when we're doing well, we want to coast, and so our activity declines then, as well."

"The idea of a plan is to keep you doing the essential activities regardless of those results. Following a good business plan — not the kind a business submits to a bank for a loan, but a real, workable plan," Schussel explained, "keeps the emotional highs and lows out of equation."

The Thursday Webinar starts at 4 p.m. ET time and is free, but requires registration. Registrants will receive the sign-in URL and phone numbers if they prefer to hear the program on the phone.

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