Workers look for strong employer brand

By BenefitsPro

By Amanda McGrory-Dixon

Workers look for employers with a strong brand, especially as the talent war continues to grow and employee confidence steadily improves, according to new research by Randstad US.

The employer brand, the research found, should not only include a positive public perception but also a carefully designed employee value proposition.

"An employer brand is a billboard for the organization, and the importance of this public sentiment goes beyond recruitment efforts," said Jim Link, managing director of human resources for Randstad US.

"Clearly, company reputation impacts attractiveness among potential candidates. It is also clear a strong employer brand will further drive bottom-line results by creating a stable work force, increasing productivity and engaging key stakeholders. This affects all aspects of the organization, and when managed effectively, can elevate leadership and visibility within the company's industry."

When choosing a new employer, the research finds that the top factors employees consider are competitive salary and benefits, long-term job security and a pleasant work atmosphere. Understanding what employees want can help an employer properly develop and deliver on its brand, the research shows.

Fifty-two percent of respondents say they want recognition for a job well done, and 51 percent of respondents express the need for open and honest communication. Forty-nine percent of respondents want their co-workers’ respect.

To create an environment that fosters job recognition, open communication and respect, an employer should encourage social connections between workers, Randstad suggests. Doing so creates a team atmosphere and enhances feelings of shared commitment and accountability.

While slightly more than half of respondents say good use of their existing skills makes a job interesting, 43 percent of respondents report being interested in gaining new skills. When new ideas are valued, 39 percent of respondents say a job is interesting. Using new skills as well as existing skills can be accomplished through professional development initiatives, which helps with retention and performance, Randstad says.

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