Taking breaks will help your effectiveness and allow you to exercise too

By Anne Bachrach

A.M. Enterprises (The Accountability Coach)

Focus on our highest payoff activities so you can achieve our goals this year – and during any economy, we sometimes need to make sure we are taking ;mental breaks. One thing I often recommend to people is taking a 10 minute break to get some quick exercise and get the heart pumping while giving our brains a few minutes to relax. Consider including into your break something like 100 sit-ups, 25 push-ups, and take a lap around the building (inside our outside). You could do bicep curls, an exercise for your triceps, and some squats. There are many things you can do to get your heart pumping and give yourself a mental break so when you return you are more focused in order to continue to be as productive as possible. Add this concept to your calendar and see how much better you feel.