You can save money and here's how

By Michael Cave

​Most financial advisors, friends and family implore you to save more money for retirement, but like many American you feel you are already stretched to the limit and living paycheck to paycheck. No one tells us where to find savings. Here are five simple and easy tips that could find you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you can implement today.

1. Have your home and auto insurance policies reviewed annually, by an agent other than your current carrier.

You may be surprised and could potentially save hundreds of dollars annually. If you love your agent, show them the competing lower quote, if they can match it great, if not its time to reevaluate that friendship. Most agents understand when a client leaves. Most agents don't lose clients because they are competitively priced and provide superior customer service.

2. Call your credit card company if you have a balance that you don't pay off monthly and ask them to reduce the interest rate. If they are not amendable to do that, check out alternatives from your bank or credit union or offers you receive weekly in the mail.

3. Cut down your vices, I didn't say eliminate them. Smoke less, drink less, eat out less. You will be doing both your pocketbook and as an added bonus your health a big favor.

4. Use coupons! More and more websites are devoted to saving you money. Check out and Coupons worth 50 percent and more are available for things like dining, entertainment, health clubs, salon services, automotive and much more.

5. Walk or ride your bike. With gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, an occasional walk or bike ride will save you money and extend you life with the residual health benefits.