Targeting Generation X as clients and employees

By Lauren McNitt


In this week’s #prowebchat on Twitter we discussed strategies for targeting Generation X as clients and employees. Jason Kestler (@KestlerFG), a ProducersWEB expert and author of a series on targeting Generation X, co-hosted the chat. Here’s an overview of what participants shared:

Q1: What can you do to attract the younger generations as clients?
    @robertsofia: What percentage of advisors are really trying to attract Gen X clients? Isn't that kind of an oddity? #prowebchat

    @laurenatpweb: @robertsofia GenXers have young kids - a perfect client for advisers offering life insurance #prowebchat

    @KestlerFG: @robertsofia Xers are focused on savings now, and reps are in a position to offer guidance well into the future #prowebchat

    @KestlerFG: @ProducersWEB Advisors who work with Xers talk of their conservatism in savings and investments, so focus on those a selling pt. #prowebchat

    @bill_coffin: @paulwatpweb @KestlerFG Gen Xers are skeptical and individual. I'd reckon they need a more personal sales approach. #prowebchat #prowebchat

    @InsuranceMktg: @ProducersWEB @KestlerFG #prowebchat Obvious one here...embrace the social networks. It's fundamentally changed the way we communicate.
Q2: What marketing strategies work best for bringing in the younger generations as employees? #prowebchat
    @JandJinsurance: #prowebchat We have found that using Linkedin not only brings in younger candidates but quality candidates as well.

    @KestlerFG: Boomers live to work, Xers work to live. They will appreciate specifics in terms of employee benefits. #prowebchat

    @JandJinsurance: #prowebchat Spin classes, Christmas shopping days, profit sharing etc. Our company has benefits like no other company I have been at.

    @paulwatpweb: @JandJinsurance Sounds good. I imagine charitable donations, paternity leave, and similar family-oriented bens are also vital. #prowebchat

    @bill_coffin: @jandjinsurance I think Gen Xers really appreciate that stuff. They assume to be taken for granted. Bennies help. #prowebchat #prowebchat

    @KestlerFG: @ProducersWEB Xers are very relationship-driven and empathetic, and will appreciate a workplace that encourages these attributes #prowebchat

    @KestlerFG: Xers want to have a clear work-life balance, so they appreciate time off and flexible work schedules. #prowebchat
Q3: What changes could you make to your company's environment/culture to attract younger generations as clients? #prowebchat
    @JandJinsurance: #prowebchat Our charitable contributions do attract xers. Our backpack buddies, food drives, LowCountry Foodbank, Habitat for Humanity

    @KestlerFG: @paulwatpweb @JandJinsurance We encourage volunteerism by our employees - makes work more fulfilling & benefits the community. #prowebchat
@KestlerFG: (1/2) Bonus question: Xers were often told that they would be the first generation that might be worse-off than their parents. #prowebchat
@KestlerFG: (2/2) Given recent economic turmoil, do you think that this burden is now shared with/shifted to the later generations (Y/Next)? #prowebchat
    @laurenatpweb: @KestlerFG Absolutely. Gen Y is coming out of college to fewer jobs and lower pay- at a disadvantage from day 1 in their careers #prowebchat

    @KestlerFG: @laurenatpweb In many ways, GenY seems to have much in common with Seniors in stability and acceptance of status quo. #prowebchat

    @bill_coffin: @laurenatpweb @KestlerFG Gen Y is also coming into a much flatter global market. The need to hustle is paramount. #prowebchat

    @Jeff_Howerton: @KestlerFG I think Xers will be as well off as they choose to be. We may have to work harder. #prowebchat
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