Hitting your sales milestone with auto dialers

By Troy Wilson

Next Wave Marketing Strategies

When it comes to facilitating business-to-consumer sales, auto dialers can be a powerful weapon for telemarketing teams. The threat of having automated software that can make more calls, with more ease, efficiency and productivity, is a major advantage to sales agents. Whatever leads your company has gathered, aged leads or real-time leads, the integrated dialing capability will have calls moving in a speedy and convenient manner.

Here are some ways auto dialers are helping many companies hit their sales milestone:

Pump up the volume of calls

One of the main ways that auto dialers are advantageous in the terms of cold calling is that they are simply much more efficient than manual dialing. There is no time spent with telemarketers looking at numbers obtained from Internet leads or some other method on a sheet and manually entering digits. The dialer handles all that.

Taken over the course of an entire shift, this can result in substantial amounts of time being saved and contacts made. More contacts in a given time period mean more possible conversions and ultimately translate to higher profits per time spent.

Are they interested?

Dialers can be set to redial numbers that were not contacted the first time. This maximizes the chances of reaching the lead by phone. It also eliminates the need for telemarketers who are doing the cold calling to keep track of which parties have had call attempts made and which ones have not.

Follow up is an important part of lead management. Dialers make sure that follow up contact attempts happen in a regularized fashion. This has an overall effect of insuring that more marketing contacts are made and that selling goals are reached.

Automatic voice messages

One final feature that dialers often support is the ability to automate the entire process of telemarketing contact. The software can be set to make calls and play an automatic prerecorded message when a party answers. This can free up huge amounts of employee time and resources for other things.

However, automated messages often do not have the effectiveness that a live contact does, but this can still prove to be a quite effective way of increasing the amount of contacts made and for allowing employees to concentrate on more decisive phases of the selling process.

Overall, the initial contact process can be time consuming and slow your sales force down. Enlisting the help of an auto dialer is about doubling the marketing output of the firm, whether its saving money on wasted leads or allowing your company to put effort in other types of marketing.