Finding your buyer: Who will pay you 100% of what you're worth?

By Phil Palmer

Many market forces are at work, so it is becoming more critical to isolate and hone your unique skills.

Competition during prosperous times creates activity, and more business for all, but when expenses are being scrutinized, it is critical to protect your position by knowing your specific skills and finding a buyer who values and will pay for your expertise.

As a company employee, you are bought for 25 percent of your value then to be sold to the company's clients for a suitable profit. To make your 100 percent you must find your buyer — whatever skills or product you may offer.

I suspect this tough environment will continue to evolve. The Department of Labor has asserted that by 2020, close to 45 percent of employment will be those individuals who own their own businesses.

I thought I would pass this on to those with salaries who are feeling squeezed and those on commission who are being affected by the "expense police."