PPACA confusion is the perfect advising opportunity

By kschilling

The Advocacy Network

Whether or not you like the PPACA is a moot point. The stark reality is that this law has created mass confusion — which opens the door for massive opportunity. The buying public is now totally confused as to what their options are, and they need help.

There have been magnificent moments of opportunity in our industry before, but none have ever risen to the level that Obamacare has now created. While the politicians argue and debate the merits of this overhaul in the marketplace, the public is left to stand aghast at the event, much like rubberneckers on the major interstate watching a burning car ready to explode. Look, people are confused and they have concerns about how this impacts them and their families.

By simply being an advocate and acknowledging that people are confused, you have the opportunity to acquire more clients than ever before. Conversations about the PPACA are not difficult to start up. No one is offended, as they really have no clue as to what the intended or unintended consequences are for their family.

As an advocate, you can easily create a pathway to assist people in the major decisions facing them. This includes the impact to Social Security, Medicare and their future health care. The opportunity for service is uniquely positioned in front of us. It is a fire just waiting for someone to extinguish.

While you are deciding how to reach this marketplace, the scammers are out full-force. They have already started committing identity theft and other fraudulent activities. This is no time to sit back and make plans; it is time to take massive action, as Anthony Robbins would say. The telephone is your best friend, and the market is full of prospects who are confused and bewildered about what their next step should be.

You have ample reason to contact your client base to review the realities confronting them. For those new to the industry or trying to build a client base, you have the best opportunity to grow.

People are angry and confused — this makes for a very approachable prospect. It takes no particular skill to start up a conversation when there is an elephant in the room. All it takes is the nerve to mention the elephant.

I have discussed your "why to" and how it it the most important aspect for success. Now, there is a magnificent opportunity to identify a massive "why to" by providing people solutions to the pending confusion in the marketplace.

Are you more trustworthy than a politician? Are you more trustworthy than the bank? Are you more trustworthy than advisors who are confused and angry themselves? The answers to these questions better be yes, and your efforts should focus on validating this trust every minute of every day. You are literally sitting on acres of diamonds!

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