The only way that direct mail actually works

By Michael Kaselnak

5Q Group

Direct mail is not dead. Direct mail is not overused. If done properly, direct mail is a way to get a client to listen to you for more than a sound bite.

In order for direct mail to be effective, it cannot be sent to the masses. That doesn’t mean that you can’t send out hundreds or thousands of mailers, it just means that your mailer had better be personalized.

What does personalized mean? It doesn't just mean that your client’s or prospect’s name should be on the mailer. More importantly is must speak to them about their specific problem or need. The prospect or client that receives your direct mail piece needs to believe that you specifically chose to send your offer to them. The prospect or client needs to feel like your offer fits them like a glove.

The best way to accomplish this is to research your prospects and understand what their needs and interests are. Only then can you come up with the headline and offer that will grab your prospect by the shirt collar and say, “Pay attention!”