Editor's picks from around the Web: 8/19-8/23

By Paul Wilson


Life insurance's global boom (BenefitsPro)

"As life insurers seek to find more buyers in the United States, sales in foreign markets are booming for some carriers, particularly in Asia as millions continue to transition into the middle class."

Why do real estate agents still exist? (Washington Post)

"But wait–real estate agents? Wasn’t the internet supposed to drive them out of business?"

Will retirement turn you into a hoarder? (Forbes)

"After watching several episodes of the TV show Hoarders, I noticed most of the people profiled appeared to be retirement age. That started me wondering if the loss of a job identity, extra time available to shop, and little-to-no accountability were contributing factors to hoarding. To help answer the question, I interviewed two of the show’s popular experts, Dr. Robin Zasio and extreme cleaner Matt Paxton."

Economy recovers, income doesn't (CNN Money)

"The nation may be in better economic shape, but that doesn't mean Americans' paychecks are."

Most of U.S. is wired, but millions aren’t plugged in (New York Times)

"The Obama administration has poured billions of dollars into expanding the reach of the Internet, and nearly 98 percent of American homes now have access to some form of high-speed broadband. But tens of millions of people are still on the sidelines of the digital revolution. "

James DiMaggio left life insurance to Hannah Anderson's grandmother (Los Angeles Times)

"James Lee DiMaggio, the man at the center of the kidnapping saga involving San Diego County teenager Hannah Anderson and the killings of her mother and 8-year-old brother, left his life insurance to the children's grandmother, a family spokesman confirmed Monday."

How to leverage Life Insurance Awareness Month (LifeHealthPro)

"If there were official rankings for public knowledge of all the themed calendar dates in a year, Life Insurance Awareness Month would probably fall somewhere between National Bath Safety Month (January, in case you were wondering) and Pet Peeve Week (October)."

Let Social Security sell annuities (The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch)

"Experts acknowledge that “buying” an annuity from Social Security by deferring claiming is the best way to get an additional stream of retirement income . Social Security essentially provides the best-designed and cheapest annuities in town."

U.S. says more doctors accept Medicare patients, access 'excellent' (Forbes)

"Despite concerns about a doctor exodus from the Medicare program, a new report says the number of doctors accepting patients insured by the health insurance program for the elderly and disabled is on the rise."

Talk to family members about your legacy (Wall Street Journal MarketWatch)

"The personal and relational issues in estate planning may be forgotten or assumed to take care of themselves. Yet, in actuality, not addressing these issues often leads to emotional stress, misunderstandings, and ongoing family conflict."

Why the nest isn’t so empty anymore (New York Times)

"The emotional bond between millennials and their parents is simply different from what many of us experienced with our own mothers and fathers — even those of us who have close and caring relationships with our parents."

Transgender and struggling to pay medical costs (CNN Money)

"For Bradley Manning, a military prison may be a next-to-impossible place to begin his transition to a woman. The Army says it doesn't provide hormone therapy or sexual reassignment surgery to inmates. But even outside of prison walls, getting this kind of medical help is often a struggle. "