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Who would you invest a trillion dollars with? Obama or Romney?

By Ken Davis

If President Obama or Mitt Romney were raising a trillion dollars in private capital to invest in new businesses to create jobs for the American people, who would you invest with? As you consider this, does it impact your thoughts on who to vote for? If so, how?

I posed the question this way to focus on something I find interesting. The government has seen fit to subsidize companies they think will create new jobs — to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. So, it appears one of the many talents required of our presidential candidates is to be able to pick businesses that will return a profit to our country and that will actually create sustainable long-term jobs.

So please, inform us who you think should be the chief investment officer for our country and why. And, if you care to, tell us why we should continue to subsidize particular organizations with our money or show favoritism in our tax laws to those same groups. And, should we keep doing all this with borrowed money?

You may suspect by the nature of my question that I think the government has no business involving itself in such matters. You would be right. But, I really am interested in all of your thoughts on this matter. That is an open invitation to convince me otherwise. Or, if you agree, this is your opportunity to inform the others why you feel that way.

This will be more meaningful if we can all show each other professional courtesy. We all care about our country even though we may disagree how it is best run. Please keep it civil. And please let’s not call anybody a liar.