Employees clamoring for workplace flexibility

By BenefitsPro


By Dan Cook

If your company hasn’t yet embraced at least some form of workplace flexibility, you may be losing out in the retention/recruiting arena.

A massive study from the Society for Human Resource Management and Families and Work Institute released this spring offered hard data to support the corporate shift toward greater flexibility for employees, particularly when it came to when they worked and where they did their work.

Now, a global study of 900 employees from Unify, a communications software and services firm, finds that “more than one third of employees surveyed — including 34 percent of directors and 38 percent of managers — said they would change companies for an employer that embraces flexible work.”

Unify’s New Way to Work study also indicated that millennials are the most likely to accept or reject a position based upon the degree of flexibility offered, with 43 percent of these young workers reporting they’d switch jobs for greater flexibility.

“This type of ‘flight risk’ can be devastating for organizations,” said Bill Hurley, chief marketing officer at Unify. “If companies want to attract and retain the best talent, they must implement flexible work options. The best enabler of this is collaboration technology that allows employees to work where and how they want, and easily collaborate to solve problems, and achieve results.”

Other high-level findings from the survey:
  • More than half of all senior managers (director-level and higher) surveyed said their organizations are moving in the direction of more flexible work and expect to be there in the next two years.

  • More than one third of respondents said they would drive initiatives to make flexible working terms a reality in their organization.
Originally published on BenefitsPro.com