New retirement tool measures employees' motivation to save

By BenefitsPro

By Paula Aven Gladych

Prudential Retirement has introduced a new tool to help plan sponsors gauge their employees’ retirement readiness.

The Lifetime Saver Commitment Profile index measures motivation levels when it comes to saving for retirement and provides plan sponsors with data-driven insights they need to provide programs and tools that inspire employees to take action.

Employers also can use the index to help them take a more individualized approach to communication and education when it comes to saving money for retirement.

“Most American workers, regardless of age, are not preparing well for retirement,” said George Castineiras, senior vice president of Total Retirement Solutions at Prudential. “And more than half who are eligible to participate in their employer-sponsored retirement plans don’t believe they will ever be able to save enough for a comfortable retirement.”

The Profile categorizes employees based on quality and depth of their motivation to save for retirement. American workers want guidance, he said.

“Our research revealed that the more motivated employees, who include a high proportion of women, older workers and the well-educated, share a proactive approach to retirement planning and have more savings, while many other employees’ still need guidance,” said Castineiras.

Employers need to help employees who are less motivated by simplifying workplace plans and focusing on individual needs.

Prudential Retirement delivers retirement plan solutions for public, private and nonprofit organizations.

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