Marketing to women via social media

By Emily Hutto


Last week, I discussed a study by Financial Finesse which found that women are lacking in both knowledge and confidence about their finances. The results are ironic, given that women tend to be the primary financial decision makers in most households. Not to mention women spend about $12 trillion dollars in the United States each year, and account for two-thirds of the overall spending in the country.

In order to educate women about their financial futures and gain clients, insurance advisors are going to have to do some outreach targeted specifically at female audiences. And based on recent reports, they might be most successful doing so via social media.

The marketing firm DigitalFlashNYC published an infographic to illustrate the difference in men and women’s social media behavior patterns. They found that the 81 million female social media users in the United States account for 56 percent of the total number of users in the country.

The social network gender gap

They also found that women account for 82 percent of Pinterest users, 64 percent Twitter, 58 percent Facebook, 37 percent LinkedIn, 29 percent Google+ and only 16 percent of Reddit users.

This Wired blog attempts to explain the gender gap between Google+ users. It says many of Google’s products, Google+ included, are used internally by the staff before they are released to the public. “But that internal testing process can lead to products too tailored to the distorted bubble in which Googlers operate, where the food and transportation tends to be free, where the internet is incredibly fast and reliable, and where coworkers tend to be brilliant male computer scientists,” says the blog. “Facebook, in contrast, was built by college students, for college students. And Google+ can’t yet compete.”

Marketing to moms

Another report by Burst Media reports that moms are some of the most active social media users of all. Many said that they log onto social media sites several times per day, and are likely to interact with brands promoted with online ads.

Insurance advisors looking to market to these moms who making the majority of household decisions should consider the online spaces where these women spend the most time: Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. These spaces can not only connect advisors with potential clients, but also serve as avenues for educating these potential clients about available products and related industry news.

Social media or bust

The DigitalFlashNYC infographic concludes by saying, “At the end of the day, women are far more active users of social networking sites, racking up an astounding 99 million more visits per month than their male counterparts.”

Having a social media presence is now critical to success in the insurance industry. As networking sites became more and more prevalent, advisors must get online and get talking. And based on this new research, it’s becoming increasingly important who they’re talking to.