Stop procrastinating: fight or flight

By Ernest Falkner III

Zillion Dollar Thinking

We all know people like this. They will circle the wagon endlessly. (Hey, it could even be us?)

The telling signs:
  • A salesperson with educational plaques and certificates all over the walls who can’t even meet minimum production requirements
  • A business owner/manager without a written plan
  • Someone who simply will not discuss the subject of eternity
  • Someone who truly believes that a broken relationship will heal itself without serious self examination and adjustment
  • One who will not return calls or messages
  • One who avoids the decisioning process like it is poison
You get the picture. It’s the problem of procrastination, evasion or escape. It’s hardly a mantle to be proud of, and it can kill your business.

After seeing these signs repeatedly over the years, the best antidote we’ve seen is “fight or flight.” In other words, get proactive about this dilemma.

Unfortunately on the flight side, when one gets to the point of decision and will not rethink or make the effort to fight in any capacity, that generally results in a defeated, illusionary and deadlocked condition.

On the other hand, there are two types of fights:

One is for show. The other is to win.

Not much has ever been achieved by avoidance of action. Today we have an ominous and instantly changing environment. It takes fortitude to get out of any ditch. This one starts with acknowledgment and proactive effort to win this fight.

Why bring this up? Sadly, we may have friends/family who have, over the years, repeatedly used these excuses rather than to actually produce something of value. And now, it has lead to a life of catch up. They are engulfed in “get rich quick” schemes, pyramids and deals. That’s unfortunate, especially when you become their target.

Bottom line:

Consider adopting a method or system to help you in the fight. And, confront decisions on a timely basis rather than reside in a life of flight that could easily land you in the wrong place.