How to be unique

By GRM-admin

Gentle Rain Marketing

Let's face it, there are a lot of producers out there. What we need to do is stand out amid the sea of competition, all of whom look pretty much like us. So here's an idea.
  • What if you became known as the advisor who specializes in ranchers? Or...

  • The producer who has an expertise in the liability issues that restaurants face?

  • And suppose you wrote a relatively short (700-3,000) word article that expressed your opinion about what ranchers or restaurant owners were doing right and wrong when it comes to your area of expertise?

  • And suppose you created a simple one page website that promoted the availability of that article?

  • And then you ran some inexpensive ads, did some publicity, used social media, created a YouTube video, spoke at the relevant association events, and held some webinars or teleconferences to promote your expertise?
Would you still be viewed as just another advisor or producer?

I don't think so. In fact, I think you'd be perceived as an expert by your target market. Interestingly, you could then do the exact same exercise for a different niche market: i.e., the advisor who specializes in working with chiropractors, the producer who works with dentists, the expert who works with realtors, etc.

Certainly some good food for thought.