Weekend wrap-up 4/4-4/8

By Lauren McNitt


This week on ProducersWEB, some of our most knowledgeable industry veterans shared their valuable sales advice and tips.

Firefight your way to higher sales

Brian Summers, professional firefighter turned top producer, told us how he got into the industry and how to apply his best firefighter tips to your sales strategy.

1. Stay calm

A manager with my company once asked how I stayed so calm, and I replied, “Well, nobody is going to die if the deal doesn’t go through.” If you are nervous and too excited, those emotions will resonate throughout the meeting. Remember, nobody is going to die if your presentation doesn’t go well.

2. Hit the hydrant

Think of the hydrant as your way to generate sales. Cold calling, drop-offs and networking are all ways you can hit the hydrant to generate sales. Nobody likes to cold call, yet it’s one of the most effective ways to generate sales.

3. Respect your co-workers and clients

One of the reasons firefighters are respected is the nature of their jobs, but the major reason is the respect they show everyone. From the man or woman receiving government assistance to the millionaire business owner, a firefighter’s objective is always the same: protect life and property. It doesn’t matter who you are.

4. Do your job

My suggestion is role specialization. If someone can close the cases, then that person is the “opener,” and a company should do everything possible to support that person’s role.


Keep it simple, stupid! You have a “bread and butter” decision maker presentation, and you build your training from there. In the end though, present to the decision maker, make the sale and go home.

Overcoming the dreaded sales slump

A ProducersWEB newbie, Joe Simonds told us how the best advisers overcome a sales slump and emerge with even higher numbers than before!

I have noticed the more successful advisers, regardless of location or time of year, always have shorter slump periods than the average adviser. Why is this?

After studying this phenomenon for many years, I discovered that the successful advisers always put a similar idea to work. They bust out of their slump by working harder than they ever have before, and even putting more time and money back into their practice than they were during good times.

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Happy selling!

Lauren McNitt
Associate Editor