Your financial team, Pt. 1

By Steve Kobrin

The Firm of Steven H. Kobrin, LUTCF

Consumers need a team of professionals to help manage their finances. This team should include specialists in planning, investments, insurance, taxes, and related fields. Collectively, these professionals should enable you to realize your dreams and goals.

Financial professionals work at different "levels" of financial management.

For example, the planner provides an overview and sets the stage for the contribution of product specialists. In turn, the product specialists occupy specific niches in the insurance industry.

In our world of super-specialization, insurance brokers are most effective if they concentrate on only one product line: life insurance OR disability insurance OR long term care insurance OR property and casualty insurance, and so on.

At all times, the professionals on the team must remember that they are working for you.

Some clients prefer to actively lead the team, while others will take a back seat to the proceedings. In either case, the best results are achieved when the professionals drop their egos in favor of doing the right thing for you, the client. This attitude will engender the cooperation needed to not only get the best results, but to make the team experience as enjoyable as possible.

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