Where were you when Google became disabled?

By John Nichols

Disability Resource Group, Inc.

Did you hear, see or feel the effects of Google becoming disabled? Yes, they went down. OK, so it was only five minutes. However, the impact was a 40 percent drop in global Internet traffic during that five-minute span, as written about in this article, Google goes down and the Internet soils itself. People were freaking out across Twitter and the rest of the Internet.

When you become disabled due to an accident or illness, who will freak out and cause a frenzy? You? Your spouse or family? Peers or friends? Will they be asking if you survived or, better yet, how did you survive? Every day, people are freaking out due to an accident or illness and are wondering how they will survive and how they will make ends meet. As professional insurance advisors, it is our job to help them by providing the opportunity to protect their "Internet capability" — their paycheck.