Overlooked underwriting niches in 2013

By Jeff Reed

Kestler Financial Group

Now is a good time to look back at some of the most unique underwriting niches that emerged in 2013 and give you a chance to capitalize on these life insurance opportunities in 2014. The following are the top 10 underwriting niches you may not be aware of.

1. You can get preferred nonsmoker rates for clients who smoke marijuana three times or less per week.

2. Nonsmoker rates are available for clients who smoke less than 24 cigarettes a year and have a negative nicotine specimen on their insurance labs.

3. You can get a preferred rating for your clients who have a history of prostate cancer.

4. Clients can still get nonsmoker rates if they smoke cigars and/or chew tobacco daily — even if they test positive for nicotine on their insurance labs.

5. Your clients can get preferred nonsmoker rates after only 12 months of smoking cessation.

6. There are life insurance companies that do not require treadmill testing for clients with face amounts above $10 million.

7. Some carriers will offer preferred on your clients with diabetes.

8. A few carriers will still offer preferred for clients with a family history of death by coronary artery disease before the age of 60.

9. There are carriers that will ignore a client’s family history of cancer.

10. Some carriers will give best class rates on clients who use blood pressure medications.

Find the right home for your next client, even if it’s as crazy as some of the niches above.