Red or blue?

By JHLynch

Sales First Aid

Red or blue? The question anyone who has the daunting task of going out and finding a prospect and then converting them into a client should be evaluating.

Are you operating in the red or blue ocean market space? Let's look at the differences.

The red ocean market space is the known market space, the space that is defined by industry boundaries. The market space that is crowded and cluttered with marketing noise. Many of the operators in this market space are marketing to the same prospects in relatively the same way with relatively the same message. This market space is very competitive and cut-throat, thus the red water.

The blue ocean market space is wider and deeper. This market space has relatively no competition and is not a cut-throat environment. Market share is created rather than fought over. This market space is not defined by industry boundaries. This market space has higher growth and profit potential.

There are numerous strategies that can be employed today that are blue ocean and highly successful.