Are you the kind of leader who is compassionate and patient, yet firm?

By Anne Bachrach

The Accountability Coach

In order to understand how to be an effective leader, you must be compassionate to the human condition. Effective leaders are understanding and patient; yet do not allow themselves or their team to compromise on the very things that make a business successful.

As a leader, you are never above your team. Instead, you are beside them, willing to dig in the trenches alongside them. At the same time, they clearly look to you as a team leader. You help them to focus on their own growth, because that benefits the success of your business.

Action Step: Reaffirm you are a team, and operate as a team.

At the next team meeting, ask for their feedback. What’s working? What’s not working? Listen first, and offer solutions second.

Involve them in the solution process by asking for possible solutions to problems. If you ask for their opinion, you must be dedicated to helping resolve issues.