Annuity application made easy by e-app

By David Shields

WealthMark Advisors, Inc

June 27, 2012 - The dream of an easy, streamlined way to administer insurance paperwork electronically has become a reality with the launch of Personal Protection Choice, the latest product from Phoenix, integrated with an e-app and REALIZE, a retirement needs analysis tool.

Launched June 4, 2012, Phoenix’s Personal Protection Choice is a single-premium fixed indexed annuity that offers guaranteed lifetime income, home health and nursing home coverage and an enhanced death benefit.The e-app, which requires a laptop or tablet and wireless Internet, starts simultaneously with the product presentation. In the column to the right, you can immediately enter client information.

The annuity application process continues as the sleek and colorful presentation addresses pensions, Social Security and other factors of the retirement planning process – with each slide, you are closer to determining your client’s financial picture.The e-app doesn’t let you skip a field and will provide you the necessary forms you need for the annuity application.

Once the information has been completely entered, REALIZE provides clients with a graphical demonstration of their needs versus what they have. A single electronic signature is used to automatically sign all forms. For more information, visit