Increasing your personal performance

By SteveDrozdeck

Drozdeck & Assoc.

Are you dissatisfied with your personal performance in any area of your life? If so, this article may help you identify things to concentrate on.

Want To/How To/Chance To: A performance evaluation model

Are you dissatisfied with your personal performance in any area of your life? How about that of a team member? Do you ever procrastinate? Do projects slip through the cracks occasionally?

Use the “How To, Want To, Chance To Model” of performance evaluation to identify personal productivity issues and assist participants in reaching the next levels of personal and professional development. Each aspect of the model is briefly explained below.

How to: One common reason for failure to achieve a goal is lack of required knowledge. A person may not have a specific skill, or may not fully understand a given product or service. Fortunately, “how to” problems can usually be fixed fairly easily with education/training.

Want to: People often fail because they lack sufficient motivation. Success depends, in large part, upon one’s ability to maintain the drive to succeed. It involves making goals that are not only personally meaningful, but also ecological, so that they don’t cost more than they are worth.

Chance to: Sometimes something blocks us from achieving a goal. Such obstacles might include clients who fail to return new account forms, or administrative errors beyond our control. It can also include having to handle so many details that we are too overwhelmed to perform the critical functions necessary for long-term success. This segment consists of helping participants identify both the obstacles they face and the resources they will need to overcome them.

Do you want to:
  • Do what is required?

  • Work for the kinds of incentives and payoffs that the job offers?

  • Have more or less supervision than offered?

  • Achieve the same outcomes and goals as the boss?

  • Have more or less social contact than the job allows?

  • Hide something that would embarrass you or them?

  • Be competitive and assertive as needed?
Do you know how to?
  • Perform the procedures and techniques necessary to do the job?

  • Use strategy for solving the problems that occur on the job?

  • Establish habits for time, stress, deadline, delegation, people and project management?

  • Use interpersonal skills to achieve effective communication and cooperation?

  • Elicit cooperation? Motivation? Coordination? Sell ideas?

  • Sound like you have the skill to camouflage any weak know how?

  • Do the job’s technical aspects?
Do you have the chance to do the job as it is set up, that is, do you have:
  • The right kind of position and title to elicit cooperation from others inside and outside the company?

  • The information, tools and working conditions you need?

  • The right incentives and payoffs to motivate you to work?

  • The right kind of supervision to elicit your skills, rapport, and cooperation?

  • Impossible deadlines, goals or conflicting demands of equal priority?

  • The fiscal or human or technical resources to do the job?

  • Accurate feedback on performance needed to correct performance?
What to do next:
  • If you find you do not want to do the job, then an exploration of needs and motivations is usually in order.

  • If you do not know how to do a job, then the usual solution is additional training. Ask questions. Read books. Have someone provide a demonstration. Practice.

  • If you do not have the chance to do the job, then either change the job, change the environment or go somewhere where the opportunity to succeed exists. (Remember: while the grass may be greener, it’s just as difficult to mow.) If you don’t have the opportunity, all of the knowledge and desire is for nothing. If you are not allowed to win, play the game somewhere else or play a different game.
Exercise: What else do I need?

Want to issue: For additional motivation? What can I do to get it?

How to issue: To increase my abilities? What can I do to get it?

Chance to issue: To increase my opportunities to do a great job? What can I do to get it?