How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

By Amy McIlwain

Financial Social Media Marketing

I was just on LinkedIn creating a group and optimizing my profile.  How do I optimize? Scope out the competition! Always ask yourself, "When someone is searching for me/my profession, what do they type?"

For me, that was simple: "Financial Social Media Marketing".

At the time, I was nowhere to be found. I clicked on the top people listed and noticed a common theme. All of them had between three and seven entries for their current position and are very targeted in their choice of title keywords.

For example, one of my current positions ended up looking like this: "Financial Social Media Marketing Consultant l Online Marketing for Financial and Insurance Advisors at Financial Social Media Marketing". After doing this for only one current position, I was in the top 10 for my search.

My second current position was very similar and keyword-heavy. Instantly, I became the top spot for "Insurance Social Media Marketing" and in the top five for "Financial Social Media Marketing

How can this help you? Optimize your page! If a neighbor is searching "Financial Advisor Seattle" and that's where you live, shouldn't you be #1? And don't forget to connect in your community! Oftentimes, consumers will search and make contact with a second or third degree connection for business just because you're a friend of a friend...even though they have no more of a personal connection with you than the agent down the street.

I hope you found this helpful! If you haven't already connected with me on LinkedIn please do so at and join our group, Financial Social Media Marketing!

For additional information about Financial Social Media Marketing please see my ProducersWeb profile.