Prospecting tips to prosper in your practice

By Walton Roger

It’s no secret prospecting is at the core of the financial profession. If you are not booking appointments, getting referrals and spreading the word about your practice, then you are missing out on huge opportunities to grow your business.

In this industry it does not matter whether you are a top producer or a less seasoned advisor, everyone has to make connections in order to keep their business thriving. It is best to network within an industry and get to know them, their terminology and issues. Use the approaches below to ensure a steady stream of clients.

Call on businesses

One of the most successful prospecting techniques is calling on places where you already do business. It might be a car dealership, hardware store, dry cleaners or even the local coffee shop. No matter what location you choose, make sure to approach this retailer or wholesaler by complimenting the proprietor on their good service.

Let them know if the people on the floor, at the counter or anyone else in the store have been very helpful and you appreciate their hard work. Then, say you’d like to return the favor by sharing your expertise, because they did something good for you and you’d like to do the same for them.

Call on professionals

Don’t forget to call on other professionals such as lawyers, accountants or bankers working in small firms or who are self-employed. Usually these professionals must generate business for themselves, and that means there is an opportunity for both of you to help and benefit each other.

The key is to be sincere when discussing what work they enjoy doing. Ask them what they like, how they grow their business and how both of you can work together by exchanging referrals.

As a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, I have access to many valuable tools and a broad network of professionals that has helped me effectively communicate with new clients to build my practice and develop a constant flow of income.