Hire goal achievers, not goal setters


American Eagle Financial Services

‚ÄčIn business, I often council people to model their hiring on achievement rather than hiring someone who says they are a goal-setter. My experience has been that most managers hire someone they think is a goal-setter because they are hopeful that person will achieve their goals in the new position. However, it is often that the person does not accomplish anything and the goal was actually a wish list. They were never really motivated to take the action necessary to accomplish the goal.

When interviewing recruits for your business, have them give examples of goals they set and actually achieved, no matter how small. The people who are able to give at least a handful of good examples are oftentimes the people willing to do the activity necessary to achieve their goal. You can always train the skill set, but you can rarely train the willingness to do the activity.

By hiring goal achievers rather than goal setters, you end up with a team of achievers. And that alone will cause more quality people to want to work with you.