New era in politics — PPACA will result in single payer system

By suze1015

Emery Benefit Solutions, LLC

My recent trip to Washington, D.C. increased my interest in what motivates people. People of government and the people who vote for them.

I would like to say it is as simple as “I want stuff” and “we will give you stuff” and no one stops to realize nobody is getting “stuff” except the ones with the empty promises. But as long as they keep promising, we keep voting.

We see this prominently in the Detroit metro area. When do you wake up and realize you have it all wrong? I have to confess I have never been a public policy princess. I would run the other way at utterings of such.

Until government began controlling my industry and what I did on a day to day basis, radically.

Yes, welcome Bill and Hillary and Hillarycare. Though they lost at that time, they still managed a slew of laws that costs businesses millions to administer under the threat of fines: HIPPA, Janet’s Law, Final COBRA Law to name a few off the top of my head.

I look back and see the intentions of these laws were to protect consumers, and to an extent they do, but at a cost. A decade later after insurance companies have justified double digit increases annually to employers/businesses, we are at a stand still. People continue to demand more and want someone else to pay for it:

Why do you think you are losing your level of benefits and having to pay more? Because someone lobbied Washington for a law.

Laws should be for the common good — not for a few. It is when a general law — PPACA — is passed by disguising it as for the common good, yet it is really only for a few that suddenly the entire system is off balance. People need to understand what makes this country great. It's people. It's hardworking, intelligent, resourceful, free people.

Every time we ask government for something we give a piece of that freedom away, and usually for nothing in return. I admit we got lazy — we were all riding high during the decades of Reagan and Clinton. And we got greedy including many of our fiscally responsible Democrats.

We all know at this point the biggest differences between Democrats and Republicans — where they like to spend the money. Democrats are domestic focused, Republicans are big picture.

The point is now we wasted it all. Just like our household budgets, when we overspend, we have to make cuts. Most of which are unfavorable. I spent two years counseling people filing bankruptcy. I honestly admit most needed to file, unfortunately many were preventable and only maybe 2 percent were because of medical bills — a big fallacy developed by Democrats.

Most bought houses they could not afford, nor had any intention of affording. The government told them they could have a house for less then renting. Who wouldn't? I heard more times than I am comfortable with “why would I keep it? Its no longer worth anything.” How easy it was to walk away from what was once the American dream. Clinton gave it away. Bush looked the other way, because it became a huge money maker and job creator.

So who is left holding the bag? All the guys in between that pay their bills, stay in their jobs and work toward the American dream expecting nothing for free.This is the tragedy of government giving the sell job of "common good" when it is really only to help the ones that do not work for it and other people not being sensible because they fall for the guilt trip — gotta love Democrats, they are good at it.

PPACA is Obama’s housing act exasperated by 75 percent. Because this isn't just a housing market — this is every business in America.

They have targeted every one of our employers to make the government more money based on a dream of free healthcare. Not only does PPACA require people to still pay a premium, we will also see a rise in taxes. I have seen the outcome of COBRA, HIPAA and every other law forcing insurance companies to cover more — double digit rate increases.

This law will get us to a single payer system if left remotely as it is. We will no longer have “our” plans, “our” doctors, “our” high quality health care, nor any freedom to decide if we even want it.