Don’t wing it – The importance of scripts

By Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert

I am a very big believer in scripts. I’m not talking about those telemarketers that call you in the middle of dinner reading their script. That’s definitely not what I am talking about.

The highest paid people know their words, word for word. You have helped pay their salaries.

Do you think Jack Nicholson shows up on the set and wings it? I can assure you that he doesn’t.

How many times have you found yourself in the middle of a phone call or voicemail not prepared? What happens to your confidence? It goes down, doesn’t it? When it goes down, what happens to your voice? Gets shaky, doesn’t it? Now what kind of a message have you conveyed? Not a very positive one.

Having made over 250,000 telephone calls, I never make a call without preparing for the call. Why? Because I know what happens when I am not prepared and let me say this, it isn’t a pretty sight.

A script gives you a track to run on and helps you stay focused on your purpose. It also guides the prospect or client through the phone call.

Take the time and create a script for the different types of calls you make. If you are confident, others will be confident in you.

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