The importance of the long term lead

By The PT Services Group

The PT Services Group

When it comes to insurance leads, most busy brokers and insurance salespeople prefer their leads to be of the short-term variety. Ideally, they want the qualified leads they are purchasing and pursuing to be ready, willing and able to purchase the offerings they are selling now.

All that a broker then needs to do is walk into the prospect’s office, give their pitch and close the deal. End of story, move on to the next one.

These short-term leads are beneficial, but overlooking the potential of long-term leads, and failing to nurture them to the best of your abilities is a huge and costly mistake. The fact is that while some insurance sales professionals concentrate their efforts on chasing those prospects who want to buy now, the best insurance sales professionals concentrate on those who will have a need in the future, just not yet.

For example, a human resources manager begins researching her options for a new employee health plan a full six months before she will be in position to buy a new one. As a part of her research, she submits her contact details in several different places.

When her details are sold as a qualified lead, she is indeed just that. She will be making the decision on a new health plan, she will have the funds to do so available to her, and she is not just quite ready yet.

At this point, some insurance salespeople may leave her with a brochure or two and tell her to contact them when she is ready. They walk away, a little miffed because the lead didn’t pan out after all.

A savvier insurance sales professional will do things a little differently. These long-term leads often produce the best business. By occasionally reminding prospects (like this HR manager) to keep the company in mind, is a function of sustained insurance lead generation.

Lead and relationship nurturing are the mark of a good insurance salesperson. If an insurance salesperson can master this art, they often find that these long-term leads become some of their best, and most loyal, clients of all. This is thanks to a relationship that was forged long before any deal was struck.