D.C. exchange updates numbers

By BenefitsPro

By Allison Bell

Activity at the District of Columbia public exchange might have cooled since its first week.

Managers of the DC Health Link have released activity data for the period from Oct. 1, when the district-based Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act exchange enrollment system opened to the public, through Oct. 21.

At a board meeting held Oct. 9, exchange managers released a batch of data that covered the first week of operations.

A comparison of the old figures and the new figures shows that members of the public created 3,867 individual accounts, or an average of 1,933 accounts per week, during the second and third weeks of operation.

Small businesses created about 180 accounts, for an average of about 90. The small-business account total for the first week was 250.

The exchange actually received 782 completed applications from individuals and families, or an average of 391 per week. The application count for the first week was 1,112.

Exchange managers say individuals must pay their first month’s premium to have coverage in place by Jan. 1.

To have group coverage in place by Jan. 1, a small business must buy coverage by Dec. 12.

Originally published on BenefitsPro.com