Diversify your marketing portfolio: 11 marketing initiatives for 2011

By Jesse Giuliani

By: Craig Ferrantino
Retirement and Investment Advisor
Founder and President
Craig James Financial Services, LLC

What sets you apart is not who you know, but who knows you. Learn how to put the marketing systems in place and create the urgency that gets prospective clients to take action. I have found that if you have multiple marketing irons in the fire, it leads to one hot brand.

Below is sneak peak at some of the marketing initiatives that I will share that have proven to be very valuable to my practice:

Host “Premature Retiree” educational workshops

Our current economic environment has created a premature retiree market. This is a largely underserved market that needs guidance and investment advice. I have taken the time and energy to understand this complex niche and their financial needs. I created an educational workshop to help the premature retiree take steps in the right direction to control and preserve their hard-earned assets for the additional years of retirement.

Use the media to spread your message

Help position you and your firm as a trusted expert in your local area.

The “Madoffs” in this career have tarnished the title and reputation of financial advisors across the country. To uphold the reputation of my own practice in Long Island, NY I utilize a professional public relations firm that specializes in working with financial advisors, to gain exposure in the media and showcase how my firm is truly unique and how we provide superior service to our clients.

Partner with a CPA to host a “Clues to Your Retirement Success: Implementing Tax-Advantage Strategies” dinner party for retiring detectives, police officers, and superior officers

Take the time to become educated on the many retirement options unions offer and the many changes that may take place in the upcoming years. There are few experts in this field, so taking the time to truly understand the many options union members have at retirement will help position you as the one who can help union members achieve a secure retirement future.

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