ProducersWEB update: New features for profile pages, content and more

By Lauren McNitt


ProducersWEB has some exciting changes for you to check out.

Profile pages:
Profile pages have been updated to include your:
  • rank (how many followers you have compared to other members)
  • a feed of your recent activity
  • a list of your most recent posted content
In addition, the profile page layout has been updated to allow your followers to learn more about you more easily!

Content pages:
The layout is updated so now you can choose to follow categories related to the content you like. You can also see how many people have commented on the article at the top of the page, and click on that link to take you directly to the comments.

If it is an article or blog you wrote, you’ll be happy to know that your ranking is now displayed next to your content, as well as options to follow you and send you a message.

We are now linking within contributor articles and blogs to related content and news. When you come to an article seeking information — whether it be insurance sales ideas or insurance industry news — this should make it easier for you to find additional relevant information. If you are a contributor, this means many of your articles will link back to other articles you wrote!

We hope you enjoy our new features, and stay tuned for more: We’ll soon have tools for you to promote your ProducersWEB profile on your website and in your newsletters!

And, since we’re consistently striving to make our site the best it can be, please use the comments section below to tell us what other features you would like to see on ProducersWEB.