The best way to gain more fans of your business

By Maribeth Kuzmeski

Red Zone Marketing, Inc

On the heels of the Super Bowl, it seems to be a great time to evaluate our ability to attract fans. Here are three questions to ask yourself:

1. How many clients/fans do you believe are actively talking about your firm to others?

2. How much of your new business in 2013 was generated by the enthusiasm of your greatest fans?

3. Who are the clients who truly want you to be successful no matter what?

There are no wrong answers, but the goal in many businesses is to get word traveling about you and your services. If this isn’t happening the way you believe it should, you may need more true fans who will cheer you on and want you to win.

A fan is created by feelings

Making a fan out of a client usually has much less to do with the product or service you sell and more to do with the way you make them feel. And people will feel differently about you when you surprise them by doing something they didn’t expect, like giving them a solution or advice they didn’t think of, helping their kids or grandchildren, working with them to find the way to buy that second home, or encouraging them to get that estate plan completed. It’s not just that you did it; it’s that you care.

Being a fan is about something much deeper than the score of the game or the record at the end of the year. Fans are there through thick and thin. I think we all could use a few more fans than we have today. They can provide you with one of the very best ways to sustainably grow your business, organically and profitably.

Good luck, and go Packers! (Yes, I know they weren’t in the Super Bowl, but what can I say, I’m a fan.)