Did the AIG bailout violate the U.S. Constitution?

By Andrew Barile

Andrew Barile Consulting Corporation

The government ownership of the American International Group hopefully will be further explored for the many conflicts of interest that existed with the government decision makers. Here are some of the concerns:

(1) Are credit default swaps really insurance policies created by the Goldman Sachs for their bank clients ... the product given to AIG to sell?

(2) Were all the decision makers at the government level for the AIG bailout former employees of Goldman Sachs, i.e., Paulson, Geitner, etc.?

(3) Were there any Lehman Brothers alumni in the government decision making process?

(4) Why did AIG pay 100 cents on the dollar as respects losses to Goldman Sachs under each and every credit default swap policy, violating insurance custom and practice by financially impaired insurance companies?