3 great photo resources for your financial blog

By Sara Ruthnum

Advisor Websites

Cliche alert! A picture is worth a thousand words. I’m sorry, I had to; it’s a classic. We all know the value of a well-written blog post full of insight and interest for your reader, but doesn’t a perfect photo just catch the attention of the reader so much better? If you are blogging regularly, it can be challenging to provide eye-catching and relevant photos for every post, not to mention the cover photo. But blogging everyday, I’ve discovered a few fabulous photo sources that are totally free to use however you want (well for the most part, some images require attribution).

From beautiful scenery to laptop and technology photos, Unsplash works on submissions from aspiring photographers. Ten brand new photos are added every 10 days, and they're completely free to use at your discretion. The best part about these photos is that each and every one is a hi-resolution image that look great on the Web! I use photos from Unsplash for cover photos that really make the home page look great.

The second source of free-to-use stock photos is freeimages.com. This site has a huge library of free stock images. And as the tag-line says, it really is the leading source of free stock photos. The trick with this site is it does take a little bit of digging to find the perfect photo. Try searching for a variety of keywords. You'll be surprised what you can find. For example. if you are writing a post on blogging, there is a plethora of photos that would work. Try looking for photos of a person typing, a computer or laptop, or even a person thinking. Cast a wider search net and you’ll be surprised at what you can catch.

Finally, free digital photos is, just as the name suggests, a free digital photo site. But what makes this site unique is the addition of digital illustrations. Illustrations are a great way to add whimsy to your posts. They also have great traditional business stock photos that can be used for your promotional materials, such as events or webinars. This site is great, but it's probably best to use these images withing your blog posts, because you can only download the small version of the images for free.

Have fun with your blog posts, they are there to show your expertise, but also to show that there are real people behind the scenes running your practice.