What's on ProducersWEB: Begin your own social media conversation

By Lauren McNitt


Twitter chat!

Next week we are hosting our first ever Twitter chat. Tune in on Tuesday, April 26 at 3:00 p.m. EST to engage with other producers and to discuss the latest industry events and trends. We’ll provide the topic — all you have to do is search for #prowebchat and join the conversation. And if you aren’t already following us, you can find us at twitter.com/producersweb.

Begin your own social media conversation

While we’re talking about engaging people through social media, don’t forget to read Social Media Marketing Expert Amy McIlwain’s fantastic article, Six tips to drive a response through social media. Here’s a preview:
    1. Reply and engage with your followers
    In actively engaging with your followers you can attract more attention to your pages as well.

    2. Cross-pollinate
    Finding ways to promote the people who visit your blog, to praise your community, and to engage them on their own blogs and sites are all ways to build a relationship that gives back.

    3. Use videos
    Telling a story visually is very powerful, and provides higher levels of engagement.

    4. Call to action
    By making it obvious through a call to action, consumers that otherwise would not, may pass your content along.

    5. Ask questions and for help
    People love to give their two cents. Give them a question and a forum to do so.

    6. Promote creative contests using social media
    Social media contests are multi-directional — they allow for increased customer engagement and content generation.
New features on ProducersWEB

Check out our events page and start posting your own!

This week we launched an events page where you can find out about events other members or organizations are hosting. Events include anything from Webinars, to book releases, to conferences, to TV appearances. We encourage you to share your events, too!

Simply go to your “Edit Your Profile” page and click “Share Events.” Fill out the information and click “Save Changes.” Our edit team will approve and post your event to the site for others to see.

Why hosting events is crucial to your company’s success

Brian Lucius, the chief marketing officer for his firm, shares his reasons for why you need to start investing some time in sprucing up your image in Three ways to generate effective PR:

    1. Do the legwork
    There are two steps to this: what to send and who to send to. You’ll need to formulate a press release every month and build a targeted media list of reporters and producers who would be interested in your story.

    2. Do something good
    Community outreach is hands down one of the most effective ways of generating PR.

    3. Cut the check
    If you don’t want to chase down the press yourself, let your checkbook do it. PR firms specialize in pitching stories and creating buzz. They also have long-standing relationships with the media and know the quirks and expectations of each producer/editor.
Stay current with ProWEB Wire

Our edit team wants to make sure you’re up-to-date on all the industry news (and you have something to talk about at happy hour). Here are a few of the top stories from the week:

Employees value benefits, but don’t know their cost
Obama administration awards bonuses to Medicare Advantage plans in what critics say is political move
Affluent women seek honesty in advisers
Agents don’t want budget cuts to affect Medicare, Medicaid
LTC market to experience significant growth

Good luck in your social media and PR efforts, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help in posting your events to the site.

Lauren McNitt
Associate Editor