Marketing your business

By Brett Anderson

St. Croix Advisors

Marketing is essentially an easy thing to do if you have an endless supply of cash; unfortunately, this is not the case for most businesses. If you are like me, you want to spend as little money as possible to get the largest return on investment.

When marketing, be sure to track all of your marketing efforts: what you did, how much it cost, where you marketed, who is your target market, what the response was and if it was a failure or a success. By tracking your marketing efforts, you are able to see what you should do and avoid in the future.

Marketing is a unique proposition for every business. Therefore, there is no straight cookie cutter way to market and promote yourself and your business.There is a model that I use quite often when executing my marketing efforts, which I am sure most have you have already heard of in business school, the AIDA model: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

This is essentially what you need to be thinking about with all of your marketing plans.

Attention: Get the attention of your clients and customers. Make them laugh, question, smile, get frustrated, get sentimental, etc. Anything you have to do to get the attention of your customers/clients, do it. When getting potential customers’ attention, you must remember that you don’t have much time so whatever advertising or promotions you plan to do, do it quickly so that you can still complete the sale.

Interest: After you have the potential customer’s attention, you need to take it a step further and raise their interest level. You need to be different from the competition, tell them something they don’t already know and that your competition isn’t telling them either. You need to keep on top of your customer’s mind so they begin to wonder what their life would be like if they introduced your product or service into their life.

Desire: At this point in your marketing efforts, your customer is on the brink of buying your product or service and you need to give them that little extra push to action. You need to make your customers feel as if their life would not be the same without your product or service. That if they never try it, they will be missing out.

Action: Get your customer to the store, office, event or wherever you are selling your product or service so that you can complete your sale. Figure out how they will be taking action and what you need to do to keep the action happening from now on. Do you need to give them a coupon to try your product? Do you need to hold an event? Do you need to have a sale? Do you need to hold an informational seminar? That is for you to figure out.

Be creative and interesting throughout all the steps, and you will be outsmarting and spending less money than your competition. All the steps need to translate to action, because if your customers/clients never hit the action phase, your marketing efforts have failed no matter how creative you have been.

Sometimes the most creative and outlandish marketing will not work because your clients/customers will not understand the point, and then you know that you have failed. Keep your marketing tailored to you and your business, remembering that marketing is not simply a cookie cutter answer.