Humans are where your cash is

By Mortgage Protection and Insurance Services Inc.

Mortgage Protection & Insurance Services, Inc.

We are halfway through 2011, and you have probably discovered that you cannot sit in your pajamas behind your computer and expect to be a successful insurance producer.
The fact is, humans are where your cash is. You need to go offline to sell your way to success. You need to get dressed and get out of the house to network and market.

You need to join networking groups, business groups, professional groups, clubs, breakfast groups, luncheon groups and supper clubs, etc. and attend one of these group a day, five days a week. You need to join your local Chamber of Commerce, attend their meetings, and visit the businesses listed in their directory.

You need to get names, phone numbers and emails and add them to your database daily. You need to contact and market to those people in your database at least once every three weeks. You need to get people to know what you do, like you, trust you and refer you.

You need to offer a service such as a free, no-obligation policy review or beneficiary review consultation. You need to find an insurance product you like and then market it, sell it and get some cash.

You need to market and sell insurance everyday, to make cash everyday.