Help! Hardly anyone reads our company blog

By dave thomas

You have a company blog and you invest time and energy into it. One problem: hardly anyone is reading it. Yes, you have a problem on your hands.

As the world of social media continues to expand worldwide, more and more companies are looking at their efforts to promote their companies, along with the different brands and products they offer.

In the event your company blog is as popular as a visit to the dentist, don’t fret; there are ways to get readers to your site.

The first and foremost goal of your company blog is to establish your business as someone who clients turn to for advice and possibly purchases. Obtaining feedback from your readers opens doors to the possibilities of more sales and continued relationships that will assist your business in growing.

So you have a blog and you can count the readers each day on one hand. How can you reposition your blog so that it is the go-to source for customers and industry leaders in your respective field?

First, make sure you are employing the right strategy with your blog.

Have you clearly defined your audience? Are you providing fresh content on your blog or just writing here and there? What is your response to feedback? These are just some of the questions that need to be clearly defined so that you can set your blog up for success and not failure.

The most important factor will be what is your clear objective with the blog in the first place? Remember that how you talk to current and potential customers and how you talk to others in your industry are two entirely different things. Contemplate the message behind your blog ahead of time so that the blog has a consistency and flow to it.

Another key to potential blog success is linking.

For those not familiar with linking, look at is a form of networking, meaning you are connecting with others and promoting each other. Linking to other blogs will open both of you up to potential new customers and more importantly, exposure. Linking also opens you up to better search engine rankings, so you’d be foolish not to take advantage.

Along those lines, utilize sites like Twitter and Facebook to tweet and share, respectively, your company writings.

Finally, fresh content is of major importance.

Whether you do it for business or personal reasons, you’ve likely visited a number of blogs over time. Guess which ones you are most apt to follow? Yes, the ones that are regularly updated.

There is nothing more irritating about a blog than clicking on it and seeing the lead content has been there for a few weeks, months or even longer.

The blogs that both consumers and other companies are likely to follow are those that have fresh content on them. Whether you blog in-house or hire outside talent, stress the need to have it updated regularly.

Company blogs are not rocket science, but they are and can be a viable part of your marketing and public relations campaign.