Decision-making on steroids

By Maribeth Kuzmeski

Red Zone Marketing, Inc

Regret. In business, if we regret an action, it is usually because we didn't make a certain decision sooner. A decision to hire or fire someone, make an investment, or a decision to start something new.

A sports team is like a business on steroids; decisions must happen quickly. In basketball, like in many of the March Madness games we watched, decision-making happens in the blink of an eye. Did the player attempt to block the shot? Call the timeout? Did the coach change the defensive scheme?

Although the game plan is laid out, the execution relies on constant alterations and quick decisions by coaches and players. In the heat of the game, there is no time to have long meetings to discuss the implications of decisions. Decisions are made in a fraction of a second based on experience and instinct. Lots of them. And the game is won or lost based on the decisions that are made.

It is the same as in business, except in comparison, business professionals make decisions evaluating logic, when at the end of the day, decisions have much more to do with emotion and instinct. A sports team makes a year's worth of decisions in a few hours. How would your business change if you made quicker decisions? I bet we’d all get a lot more done and certainly have a lot less regret.