Double your life insurance appointments by offering mortgage life insurance

By Lew Nason

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Yes, whether you are a new or experienced agent, offering mortgage life insurance is still the easiest, quickest and best way for you to get in your prospect's door.

Did you know that 35 million U.S. households today have no life insurance coverage whatsoever, according to LIMRA? This is a dramatic increase from 24 million in 2004. More than 40 percent of American households reported they need more life insurance — the highest level ever reported.

What if in the next few days you could learn how to easily generate a steady stream of the right life insurance leads, and you could set appointments with almost every one of those leads?

According to US Census Bureau, approximately 60 percent of the people in the U.S. own homes, and approximately 70 percent of those homeowners have a home mortgage. Yes, whether you are a new or experienced agent, offering mortgage life insurance is still the easiest, quickest and best way for you to get in your prospect's door. Even in 2012 (i.e., these are not new home owners).

No matter what you want to sell, aren't there some prospects that are better than others? So, who is your ideal prospect for life insurance?

Do you want to be trying to sell a single person in their 20s, seniors or someone with a family to protect? Don't you want to find people who have an immediate need? Isn't paying off the mortgage, if something happens to them, an immediate need that most people recognize?

Isn't it much easier to set an appointment when you have a specific immediate need to talk about? Who can afford the products you are trying to sell? Aren't homeowners better prospects than renters?

Do you want people who will buy just one product from you? Or, over the years, do you want to sell multiple policies in that household?

Where can you readily find a list of these people? Can you contact them on a favorable basis? If you want to significantly improve your life insurance sales results, then spend the time to define who your ideal prospects are for your product or service. Research the best ways to find them. Set up a system to contact them. And then learn how to ask the right questions to set an appointment with them.

Once you are in the prospect’s home, you'll want to conduct a complete fact find. Do they have children who need a college savings plan? How about covering final expenses, pension max or retirement supplements?

If you want to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in 2012 (no matter what the economy does), then use mortgage life insurance as your door opener. Show your prospects, friends, family, clients, business, etc. how to get what they need and want without them spending any additional money or changing their current life style.

The idea initially is to keep it simple and find the easiest way to make them a client first. Isn't it much easier to sell a client, then to sell a prospect?

Over the years, with annual reviews, you'll want to work with them to help them to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence. Help them to make intelligent decisions and you'll soon become the most recognized, trusted, respected and sought after financial professional in your local community. You will be the one person they talk about with their friends and family.