The great Mehdi Fakharzadeh shares his secret to success

By Lew Nason

Insurance Pro Shop

The great Mehdi Fakharzadeh recently shared his secrets to success with the 20,000 agents, advisers and planners we work with. Mehdi is a famous and beloved MetLife Insurance Company super-achiever and MDRT role model. Mehdi, a life and qualifying member of Million Dollar Round Table, has qualified for Chair Council 34 times, President's Conference 41 times and Leader's Conference 44 times. He is a recipient of many national golden awards and trophies.

Today, we'd like to give you a little more detail and explain why he made the following statements:
  • "Most financial advisers use a system that actually works against them. Why would you actually support a system that works against you?

  • Failure is certain if you use no system at all.

  • Limited sales results are assured by using a sales system that is wrong for you.

  • Using the wrong sales system, (a sales system that does not work well for you), makes your life and your sales far more difficult."
What Mehdi and many others have observed is most agents, advisers and planners struggle year after year because they don't have a good, reliable system. They have too many random efforts. They'll talk to anyone who will meet with them. They don't have a way to attract people to them and so on. So, maybe the first the question should be: What is a system?

Our definition of a system is an established or organized procedure; a method that brings about a consistent, predictable result or conclusion; a procedure or process for obtaining an objective.

Unfortunately, finding a sales system that works for you can be difficult. Often, it's because you don't have a clear plan. It's like trying to find the right weight loss system for you. You need to know how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, what your budget is, whether you are going to use a system that provides pre-packaged foods and then finding ongoing support. These are all crucial components in the journey to losing weight.

If you want to find a system that is right for you and will work for you, then you must identify the prospects you are most comfortable with and want to work with. You must also decide what's your specialty; what you are best at; how much training is involved; when you are available to meet with prospects; what your budget is; how hard you want to work; how much support do you need and want; and whether the system fits with your strengths, expertise, experience and contacts, etc.

Just about every sales system out there will work if you happen to be the perfect fit for that particular system, but there are only a very few sales systems that have the flexibility to be structured to take advantage of your specific strengths.

As Medhi so aptly put it, “You are different from all other financial services practitioners. You have unique abilities and individual strengths. The world’s most successful insurance agents and financial planners all use a sales system that is carefully structured especially for them. Their system is tailored to take advantage of their strengths. Such a sales system is proven to produce the best results.

Only the sales system that is ‘just right’ for you will enable you to take control of your time. Only your carefully tailored sales system will enable you to become productive to your maximum potential!"