A practice built on transparency

By Paul Wilson


To Sean Lee, clients are like family. In fact, the Utah-based advisor is very adamant about the way he refers to the people he works with. “We don’t call them clients. We call them family.”

This philosophy is consistent throughout Lee's practice. Raised by a schoolteacher in Wyoming, Lee considers himself a "small town, good old boy who is going to continue to work hard for them." When he's not in the office, he's usually spending time with his own family.

He holds himself to a high standard when it comes to both ethics and transparency. "You can do things the wrong way and bring in families and make a lot of money short term. But long term it will blow up in your face."

When it comes to planning strategies, the former baseball player considers himself a single and doubles guy, rather than a power hitter. "The big power hitters strike out a lot,” Lee says. “And I equate the markets to power hitters. They hit a lot of homeruns, but they strike out a lot, too.”

The strategy seems to be paying off: In 2012, he submitted $6.5 million in annuities and is on pace to submit $15 million in 2013.

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