The secret to standing out in your local community

By Josh Mellberg

Alpha Advisor Academy

With the extensive bad press surrounding the financial industry, consumers are more cautious about who they trust. They’re looking for authenticity and integrity, and someone who makes a real and valuable contribution to the community.

There are ways for you to show up in your market area and let your community come to know you as a reliable, trusted and respected adviser who comes to mind whenever wealth management topics arise. Here are a few musts for your practice:

Obtain membership in organizations that represent credibility and reliability to consumers who are shopping for professionals. Join the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and your local Chamber of Commerce. Both of those organizations give you third-party credibility, something potential clients find far more convincing than your own sales pitch.

I have belonged to the BBB for the past seven years. I am not only prepared to have consumers check me out through the BBB and through members of my local Chamber of Commerce, I expect it. Last year, my three largest new clients used the BBB to check out my background. Each placed more than $1 million with me. I don't think I would have had any of those clients without those organizations, which all gave me and my firm positive reviews.

Once you’ve joined these reputable organizations, find ways to volunteer in your local community, either through the local Chamber or through other organizations you are a part of. Find a committee and get involved in a project or event that you feel expresses your personal values or beliefs. Donate as you are able. Have a page on your website that lists your memberships and the events and projects you have been a part of. Post photos of the completed event or project so that people know who you are and what kinds of things you do. Attend Chamber mixers, let other business professionals know who you are, and let them know that they can confidently refer their clients to you.

The more that you express your integrity, your values and beliefs, and your solid reputation through your own transparency and involvement in the life of your community, the more likely it becomes that your clients will think of you when they need to turn to a financial advisor.

Demonstrating your skill in wealth management comes in after the fact, so to speak. In order to keep yourself in front of existing clients, attract new clients, and convince both clients and other professionals to refer new business to you, you need to show up as a professional who is decidedly above the competition. There is only a slight difference between an advisor with over $1 million dollars in sales per year and one who squeaks by with $100,000 in sales per year. That difference is all about showing up. Please check out my profile for more information about my practice and the Alpha Advisor Academy.