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Name: Amy McIlwain
Job Title: CEO
Company Name: Financial Social Media Marketing Biography: Entrepreneur, author, speaker, and worldwide connector, Amy McIlwain is recognized internationally for radical new ways of thinking about Social Media, PR, marketing, advertising, and customer service. A former NCAA Division I Soccer player, Amy started building and designing Websites back in the late 1990s. She spent the past 6 years in the financial industry selling advertising space for the Senior Market Advisor brand and consulting for top insurance companies on various media vehicles. As the marketing landscape shifted from traditional to Social Media, Amy saw the increasing value of social networks in their ability to connect with clients and prospects. As a result, Amy launched Financial Social Media in 2010 which specifically addresses the compliance issues surrounding social media and the financial industry. With her unique background in both online marketing and financial services Amy knows which media vehicles work and the marketing language needed to deliver results. Amy continues to teach others about the power of Social Media marketing and has conducted several live trainings and webinars for thousands of people worldwide. Additionally, her content has been featured in several top financial industry publications, blogs, websites, and books. Outside of work Amy’s passion lies in travel. She has visited over 22 countries and spent time living in both Spain and Australia. One of her lifetime goals is to explore all seven continents.
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