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Name: Daniel Steenerson, CLU, ChFC, RHU
Job Title: President and CEO
Company Name: Disability Insurance Services Biography: Dan Steenerson is the President and CEO of Disability Insurance Services. He passionately believes that every American should have paycheck protection, and he strives to achieve that ideal every day by finding innovative ways to help insurance agents sell more disability insurance. In 1997, Dan established Disability Insurance Services. He had noticed that it was increasingly difficult for one carrier to meet a variety of income protection needs. So, his goal was to offer DI brokers a one-stop income protection resource, featuring products from all the nation’s leading carriers. Today, DIS is the fastest growing and most recognized force for premier income protection products. Dan attributes his company’s success to a five-part formula: working with relentless urgency; respecting and appreciating team members; hiring the best talent; continually reinventing; and requiring impeccable attention to detail. “I surround myself with smart people and never take shortcuts,” he says. “There will always be setbacks, but perseverance, dedication and drive eventually yield success.”
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