Ernest Falkner III

Ernest Falkner III

Birmingham, AL

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Name: Ernest Falkner III
Job Title: Author, Consultant
Company Name: Zillion Dollar Thinking Biography: Author/Contributor Several Industry/Trade Articles Books: Zillion Dollar Thinking (two editions)...Working on new editions and apps Active Blog:

Consultant: Marketing/Sales/Financial Services Member: Niche Alliance Groups MDRT: Life Member 25+ years Experience

Ernest Falkner III, author of the system and books titled Zillion Dollar Thinking TM, has spent the majority of his career in sales, management and marketing consulting with some of the world’s largest organizations.

The MODELTM System has been used in sales training, marketing, communications and buy-in analysis at many levels. The MODELTM System has a proven track record of success in a wide range of applications.

For the last several years, Falkner has owned a marketing consulting firm and has formed niche strategic alliances with other key affiliates. Through these interactive associations, they will continue to develop broader and deeper applications of the MODELTM System for business organizations as well as non-profit and other personal areas in several dimensions.

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